4 Days SGR train Experience to Amboseli/ Tsavo West/ Tsavo East
This is an exact program like the above, but instead of spending two nights in Amboseli, you spend one night. Then the second night and program is the same but fullboard meals at Tsavo west, Ngulia lodge/ Ngulia Bandas.
Tsavo west covers an area of around 9,065 square kilometres.It ranges from 200-1000m in altitude. the northern side is bushland with scattered famous Baobab trees. The Railway separates Tsavo East and Tsavo West, and if you look carefully you will see the huge corridors build on the modern Railwayline to allow the aninmals to move freely within the vast habitat. In Tsavo west you can view the magnificen shetani and Chaimu Lava rocks, the crystal clear waters of Mzima springs which is the main supply water to Mombasa, home to many crocodiles, hippos and fish species.Home to Elephants,Rhinos,Lions, cheetah, Leopards,Buffaloes, diverse plant and bird species.
Amboseli National park is home to the African Elephants crowned by Mout Kilimanjaro the highest in Africa.The park is around 392km2, the ecosystem spreads to Tanzania,inhabitated by Maasai tribe.Attractions include, Elephants,zebras, Giraffes, Antellops, Hippos in the swampy areas, the Big five animals, the observation hill and masai culture and indigenous lifestyle. Bird life is also in plenty ,pelicans, crested cranes, Egyptian geese,and many others.